Why Less Is More [Best Website Design Practice]

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Why Less Is More [Best Website Design Practice]

When creating one’s website, it is standard practice to include all the basic information on it: what the website is about, what products and/or services are available, it’s ‘Contact Us’ page and relevant policies.

As time goes by however, the initial rush has passed and now the website needs to grow in order to sustain and increase web traffic.

The problem that starts to exist is, is that individuals load too much information on their website which makes it unbelievably overwhelming and confusing for first time visitors.

As an example, which words would you use to describe the website below?


When creating and maintaining a website, less is definitely more. Readers want to quickly determine what the website is about, what is available to them and who is the individual or organization behind the website (local shop, handmade crafter, global brand etc). 

So What Are The Basic Pages A Website Should Have?

In our humble opinion, the foundational pages a website should have are no more than the following six pages:

  • The ‘Home’ Page;
  • The ‘About Us’ Page;
  • The ‘Shop’ Page (if applicable);
  • The ‘Blog’ Page;
  • The ‘Contact Us’ Page; and
  • The ‘Policies’ Page.
For example:

The differences are quite clear: no bombarding images or text, easy to read, understand, comprehend and appreciate: inspiring one to find out more. 

“So I would like to add more information to my website, what do I do?”

Should one wish to add more information to one’s website and keep growing one’s web traffic, is to add it to your website’s blog. The more you blog, the better. The longer your blogs are, the better. Blog, blog and blog some more. Blog to your heart’s content. Streamline all your company’s/organization’s updates, news and events via one’s blog. 

That prevents one’s website to be over-clogged with information, whilst still keeping it clean and easy to understand.

Should you need assistance with your website’s layout and design, contact us today, we’d be happy to help!

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